If you are looking for assistance to experience your dream holiday in Kashmir look no further. We can offer you the real Kashmir, Ladakh & Jammu. The state of Jammu & Kashmir encompasses a mountainous region in the heart of Asia with borders touching to both south and central Asia surrounded by Pakistan, India, China & Afghanistan. Population of about 13 million spread over 86000 square miles.

We live here and our office is located in Srinagar (the capital of the state). This gives us a real advantage when selling holidays in our own backyard. We know our territory very well to promote and arrange tourism of every kind especially Adventure & Eco Tourism.

Not in too distant future we shall for the first time start & arrange ballooning, cannoning, kayaking, paragliding, rock climbing, heli skiing & many other such adventurous sports in Kashmir.

A world in one country is how Kashmir is often described. It is a fitting eulogy, Kashmir is a place with extraordinary contrasts. We are eager to help you with all the information on the area, assist with putting together itineraries for families or groups / conferences of any size, suggestions on the sights and surrounds suitable to your specific interests combined with the accommodation and transportation to suite your budget. We take the time and effort to ensure no details are overlooked.

We include activities through which people change from being spectators to becoming protagonists of the landscape.

The altitudes that requires physical effort which may be moderate or high depending on the itinerary choice. The good thing is that in Kashmir we have a menu for everybody from hiking in Srinagar elevation 5400 feet to high country over 14500 feet during several days through rides across, ancient forests, glaciers, lakes , typical villages, old monuments, temples, shrines, Mughal gardens, golfing, angling, bird watching, cycling, skiing, Trekking, camping, mountain treks and what not.

What must be clear is that as we make contact with Nature we have to comply with certain rules that Nature itself sets for us to respect, we must be respectful and conscious of the preservation of the environment & that our pace must not leave.

Permanent traces in the various habitats especially we should not leave any waste behind and this way we will be able to continue enjoying for good the beauty our world offers us.

The drops of our sweat falling on the ground are a tribute to nature.

We pride ourselves in our quick response so your quotes & confirmation are returned to you within 48 hours if not sooner.