1. How safe is to visit Kashmir?
It's safe to visit. Kashmir has been doing well both in domestic and international tourism since last few years.

2. How clean is the Dal Lake?
It is very clean especially where our houseboats are located.

3. How far are Houseboats from city and main road Boulevard?
Houseboats are 2 km away from city and about 5 minutes Shikara from Boulevard Road.

4. Are Shikaras available at Houseboats?
Shikara are always available at the houseboats.

5. Which is better "a Hotel or a Houseboat in Kashmir"?
Luxurious Hotels are available throughout the world, but houseboat accommodation in the beautiful Vale offers a unique and unforgettable experience so it is better to stay in a Houseboat in Kashmir.

6. Do you serve Pork or Beef?
We do not serve pork or beef at the houseboats.

7. Is there any typical Kashmiri food and do you serve it?
Kashmir Wazwan is typical Kashmiri food and can be ordered at houseboats.

8. Do you arrange pack lunches?
Yes we arrange pack lunches.

9. Is there room service?
Yes we have some room service.

10. What kinds of Drinks are available on Houseboats?
We serve about all drinks except hard liqueur.

11. What about tipping on Houseboats or on sightseeing tours?
Tipping is not a must but if you wish you can tip.

12. Can you book Hotel also?
Yes we book hotels through out the state.

13. Can you arrange skiing in winter?
Yes we can arrange skiing in winter.

14. Do you accept Credit Cards?
Yes we accept about all major credit cards.

15. Which mobiles work in Kashmir?
BSNL and MTNL (Dolphin) work in Kashmir.

16. Can you arrange film shooting?
Yes we can arrange film shooting also.

17. Do you have a doctor on call?
Yes we have a doctor on call.

18. Do you allow pets?
We do not allow pets.

19. Are there ATM facilities in Srinagar?
Yes we have lots of ATM's in Kashmir.

20. Are there any restricted areas for photography?
Airports, bridges and other security areas are restricted for photography.

21. Do you arrange big party boats?
We do arrange big party boats on request.

22. Do you arrange cultural folk music & dancing?
Yes we do arrange cultural folk music and dancing.

23. What about heating of rooms in winter months?
Houseboat rooms are well heated in winter months.

24. Do you have telephone facilities?
Yes we have STD/ ISD telephone facility.

25. Are there TVs on Houseboats?
Every living room in houseboat has a cable T.V.

26. Do you have good roads in Kashmir?
We have good roads in Kashmir except a few areas.

27. Would there be other tourists around?
There would be lot of tourist around from March to November.

28. Are there internet facilities?
Yes we have internet facilities in Srinagar.

29. Do you have laundry service?
Yes we have laundry service.